Rosetta Stone, Highly Detailed, Free Full Color Book, Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition

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Rosetta Stone, Highly Detailed, Free Full Color Book, Signed, Numbered,  Limited Edition

The Rosetta Stone is a Ptolemaic Era Stele written with the same text in two Egyptian language scripts (hieroglyphic and demotic) and in Classical Greek. It was created in 196 BC and Discovered by the French in 1799 at Rosetta, a harbor on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt, and contributed greatly to the Decipherment of the principles of Hieroglyphic Writing.

The Skill of reading Hieroglyphics was lost until the Discovery of this Slab found at Rosetta. It now sits in the British Museum.
This is a Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Replica of the Famous Rosetta Stone Stele. It is a Very Highly Detailed Reproduction of the famous Rosetta Stone and was created from an Artists Rendering that was made using Photographs taken of the Real Stele as it sits in the Museum. Each Stone comes complete with a Signed, Numbered Certificate.
The Limited Edition Replica Rosetta Stone is Black in color with White Aging inside the indentations. All Type and Symbols are Indented, not printed, into the Surface of the Stele. The Stone is Very Durable made from Resin and weighs 5lbs.  It measures; 13 inches tall x 12 inches wide x .75 inches thick. It has a Hook on the back so you can Hang on Wall. 
The Rosetta Stone also comes with a Signed Free Copy of our Full Color, 37 page Book The Rosetta Stone by James Arnold. The Book includes the Translation Of The Rosetta Stone, by E. A. Budge [1853]. that explains the Basic History of the Artifact to the 21st century. The Book also includes various Historical Newspaper Articles as they have appeared through History and Actual Historical Photos of the Real Rosetta Stone.